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After some great feedback from my January and February 30 Day Bootcampers, I'm going to be running my 30 Day Style Bootcamps every month starting on the 1st.

Throughout the 30 days, you'll receive daily emails with style tips, challenges, worksheets, e-books and downloadable PDFs to help you:

  • Re-eveluate your style
  • Get clarity on where you want to take your style and what you'd love other people to say about your style
  • Increase your confidence when it comes to getting dressed
  • Save money and stop making the same expensive shopping mistakes
  • Give you endless ideas and outfit inspiration for the whole of 2019

The 30 Day Style Bootcamp is for anyone who:

  • has LOTS of clothes but NO outfits
  • feels like they've lost their style identity
  • feels like they wear the same things over and over again
  • panic buys a new outfit for every single occasion but doesn't love anything they buy
  • constantly looks at other people and wonders how they manage to look so stylish all the time
  • is fed up wasting time and money on clothes that don't make them feel AMAZING!

Here's what one of my January bootcampers, Emma, had to say about her journey over the 30 days.

I can’t thank Victoria enough for helping me get my style spark back after completing the 30 day style bootcamp.

As a complete lover of clothes, bags, and all accessories I found I had SO much stuff but was always saying I had nothing to wear. I had lost my style mojo (and confidence) for a variety of reasons but due to a health condition I walked with fixed bent knees and got in to a habit of dressing to hide not only my knees but myself.

After recently getting both my knees replaced and with my big 4-0 looming I was at a lost to what to wear for my new body shape (especially having spent so much time recently in loose gym gear) and I was still very conscious of my scars.

I knew I couldn’t face shopping with someone yet so the online sessions caught my eye and in a whim I signed up... and I’ve never been more glad!

The daily challenges really made me start to be interested in my wardrobe and what I had but also what I’d like to wear rather than the habits I had got in to. It grew my confidence to wear things I loved and in doing so got compliments from strangers where in the past I would have talked myself out of wearing the outfit.

I 100% know that if it hadn’t been for the bootcamp I would have hidden away again and continue to impulse buy but now I have Pinterest boards and I’m planning outfits for events coming up and I am excited about what I’m going to wear rather than dreading pulling things out my wardrobe.

My friends and the local charity shops have also been delighted with my wardrobe detox and although I’ve still a bit to go with some of the challenges I feel excited about them!

I know to most they might think but it’s “only” clothes (we wouldn’t be friends if you said that to me mind you!) but for me it’s an expression of who I am and to sum up in the words of Diane Von Furstenberg "Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it”. So thank you Victoria for helping me start to find my style again. x

Sign up today and you'll receive your first email on the 1st of the month.

Challenges are always more fun and achievable with other people so why not get your friends and family members involved in this fun 30 Day Style Bootcamp - it's the only bootcamp on the market that doesn't involve a single burpee or squat!

I look forward to welcoming you next month.