Block It Out

Block It Out


The Problem:

Girls, I have a question. Is it just me or is anyone else who regularly wears heels TOTALLY fed up with wearing a pair of stilettos once or twice (if you're lucky) and then, BAM - the heel tip is off and your new shoes are quickly banished to the ever-growing 'to be re-heeled' pile?

The Solution:

A live-in cobbler? To be honest, this is probably the kind of utterly ridiculous thing I'd spend money on if I won the lottery!

Okay, The Actual Solution:

Block heels! When those pesky little stiletto divas let me down, I can always rely on a pair of trusty block heels to be in wearable condition. In the past, block heels were a lot more function over fashion (eugh!) but, luckily this season, there are some super sexy heels that won't require a trip to the cobblers every second wear.

The Wishlist

Gucci heels Victoria M Style Glasgow fashion blogger stylist

Gucci - £328

Victoria m Style Glasgow Fashion Stylist & Blogger Block heels

Public Desire - £29.99

Victoria M Style Glasgow Fashion Stylist & Blogger Block heels

Call It Spring - £45

Victoria M Style Glasgow Fashion Blogger & Stylist Block Heels Gucci

Gucci - £420

Victoria M Style Fashion stylist & Blogger glasgow

Missguided - £30

Victoria M Style Block it out block heels fashion stylist & blogger glasgow

Dune - £75


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