Timeless Candles House of Fraser Blogger Event Scotland Glasgow


I was invited to a beautiful event by Timeless Candles in Frasers, Glasgow last week to celebrate the launch of their new Natural Collection line of fragrance. I've had a couple of candles from Timeless before and I'm a huge fan of the brand (the candles are insanely good) but I also love the ethos of the company and their tagline, 'Time is precious, waste it wisely'. The founder of Timeless, the lovely Liana Mullen, emphasises that a little bit of luxury should be part of your every day life and not just for special occasions and I wholeheartedly agree with this.

Timeless Candles House of Fraser Blogger Event Scotland Glasgow


I have noticed that quite a few personal styling clients have outfits or items of clothing, shoes or bags that make them feel fabulous and confident but these items rarely see the light of day because they're saving them for a 'special occasion'. Is there really a bad day to feel great about yourself though?

If you have a a meeting that you're really not looking forward or a day that you're dreading then I think there are little things you can do to change your mindset about the day ahead. I honestly believe that wearing your favourite pair of shoes or the pencil skirt that you always receive lots of compliments when you wear or even wearing your favourite perfume that you normally save for nights out is the perfect way make yourself feel better.

If you're the kind of person that always has a horrible day on a Tuesday then make sure that that's the one day of the week you wear your favourite outfit so that you actually look forward to it instead of dreading it.

Little Luxuries in Life Timeless Candles House of Fraser Blogger Event Scotland Glasgow


But back to the candles; I was generously gifted the Lemongrass and Lavender candle by Timeless. I specifically picked this one because, not only does it smell amazing but I was looking for a new candle for my desk and it's very uplifting and invigorating, exactly what I need when I get to my desk in the morning. Liana explained that she creates fragrances for the homes of busy and hardworking women who need a little bit of 'me' time each day and deserve luxury in their everyday lives. To me, lighting a really nice candle feels like a luxury but something I've made part of my everyday routine, rather than just when I have guests over (the way my mum uses her candles).

Little Luxuries in Life Timeless Candles House of Fraser Blogger Event Scotland Glasgow


I follow the amazing Cara Alwill Leyba (otherwise known as 'The Champagne Diet') and she always talks about the little things you can do to raise the vibration in your life. On Instagram last week she mentioned that she bought some Vera Wang crystal glasses for sipping water at her desk. To some people that may seem a tad excessive but she really encourages women to 'celebrate themselves everyday and  make their happiness a priority' and she's right; who DOESN'T deserve a little Vera Wang crystal on the daily?!

I don't use water glasses very often but, instead, I treated myself to some gorgeous Villroy & Bosch mugs when I moved into my flat as I knew it was something I'd use every single day and cheap IKEA mugs just don't give me the same feeling of luxury. I always try and have fresh flowers around too but little so-called 'luxuries' don't need to be particularly expensive; this little white tulip and hyacinth bunch cost me a whopping £4 from Lidl. Again, it's these things that make me happy every day, just like lighting my favourite candles.

Little Luxuries in Life Timeless Candles House of Fraser Blogger Event Scotland Glasgow

Villeroy & Boch New Wave Caffe Mugs Interiors cups


A couple of weeks ago I went into Frasers to see Liana at Timeless for a super duper relaxing scent experience and acupressure massage. I had to choose between the two new scents and, although I loved them both, I felt like I needed something really calming after a busy weekend so I opted for the Rose Geramium & Palmarosa scent. She used this oil for the massage and I felt so sleepy and relaxed and like a weight had been lifted from me afterwards. She gave me the linen/room spray to take away with me and a few little skooshes of it on my pillows before bed just feels like a really luxurious and indulgent treat to myself at the end of each day. I really look forward to going to bed and I've also been sleeping like a BABY since I started using it so it's definitely going to be part of my nightly routine from now on.

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When it comes to birthday or Christmas presents, I love buying people little luxuries that they might not treat themselves to but I know they would really enjoy and will probably use more because they didn't buy it themselves.

I've had a couple of Timeless candles now and they burn so evenly and my whole flat smells amazing even if I've only lit my candle for 30 minutes.

The linen & room spray is only £17 so it makes the perfect little 'just because' gift if you know a friend is going through a hard time and deserves a really good nights sleep.

Or, even better, treat yourself to a little luxury today. You deserve it...

Timeless Candles Little Luxuries in Life

Timeless Candles is located in the homeware department at House of Fraser, Glasgow and online.

Lemongrass & Lavender Candle - £35

Rose Geranium & Palmarose Linen Spray - £17