Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review FinniestonSIX BY NICO - 'COOKING SICILY' MENU

As a pretty weirdly un-emotional person (perhaps it's to do with being a slightly too rational Libra), I think it says a lot about how much I love good food that I find the whole experience of dining at Six by Nico really quite emotional. After my last visit to try the 1970s menu (you can read my review here), I was ridiculously excited to try out the 'Cooking Sicily' menu on my birthday eve last week.

Even on a Tuesday night the only table we could get was at 9.15pm and the small but bustly restaurant was packed to the brim.

The best meals I've ever experienced have either been in Italy or in Six by Nico/111 by Nico so the combination of an Italian menu designed by Nico was something I simply couldn't miss out on.

As soon as we arrived, the smell was mouth-watering and we couldn't wait to get stuck in, having been thinking about the 'Cooking Sicily' menu all day. It's amazing how the sense of smell can trigger memories you didn't realise you had and as soon as we walked in, the smell immediately took me back to dining experiences in Italy on one of my many visits to the country. It was my friend, Jayne's first visit to Six By Nico and had been dying to visit after hearing me rave about it so much so I really hoped that it lived up to her expectations.


We decided to share the optional 'snacks' part of the menu (it's an extra £5 but always well worth it) to begin with and it was the perfect antipasti platter consisting of rosemary focaccia, sun dried tomatoes, salami, olives, a little cheese and artichoke. It was served with the first of our six courses, Arancini Tricolore. The little arancini balls were stuffed with spinach and gorgonzola, red pepper and smoked mozzarella and cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) and they were just big enough for you to be able to taste all of the different flavours. The presentation is always beautiful and so much attention is paid to make sure everything is just perfect.

Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review FinniestonSix by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review Finnieston


Our second course was Melanzana, which was slow cooked aubergine and house made ricotta and the most delicious pesto. I can't say aubergine is something I ever pay much attention to (despite it being one of my most used emojis...) but this dish has actually inspired me to attempt an aubergine dish and I've since even pinned a couple of recipes on Pinterest. The thing I love most about every dish on every menu at Six by Nico is that you actually need to concentrate on everything you're eating so that you don't miss any of the carefully thought out flavours or textures and the lemon gel this was served with was a surprise but most welcome burst of zesty goodness in my mouth.

Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review Finnieston


Now, the next course is where the real emotion started to show for me. The 'Bistecca Di Tonno', or seared tuna to the uneducated (like me) is, simply put, one of the best individual dishes I've ever had. I don't think I spoke very much during this course other than the odd, "OH MY GOD!" as I just really wanted to concentrate on how delicious it was. I would genuinely go back just for this course alone even if I had hated every other dish (which I absolutely didn't) and I would pay the full menu price just for it too. It was cooked to absolute perfection; I've attempted to cook tuna on many occasions and it has tasted absolutely vile so I'll never try  it again, knowing how much of a disappointment it will be compared to this course.

Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review Finnieston


Onto course number four of the 'Cooking Sicily' menu and it wouldn't be an Italian experience without a little pasta and the 'Pappardelle Ragu' with ox cheek ragu and parmigiano did not disappoint. I just loved how fresh it was and it was the perfect portion size.

Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review Finnieston


Pork is something the Italians do so, so well. It's not something I would normally order but I've had it on a few occasions in Italy and they just get it right every time! The pork fillet and sausage, served with orange and pistachio dressing and braised fennel was every bit as good as I hoped it would be and I loved the crunchiness of the pistachios with the tender pork.

Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review Finnieston


Lemon tart is the one thing I would pick above all else on a desert menu so I was really hoping that no 'Cooking Sicily' menu would be complete without Limone Siciliano. Again, it was completely different from any other lemon tart I've had before and the lemon ice on top was a delicious little palette cleanser whilst the whipped creme fraiche the tart was served with was lighter than air!

Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review Finnieston


There is honestly nothing I don't love about this restaurant and about everything they do. The service is always spot on and every time I leave, I'm genuinely excited to go back again. The six week menu length means that I will never get bored of going back time and time again and I would recommend it to anyone.

Like I said when I tried the 1970s menu, the value is unbelievable and, in my opinion, completely unrivalled in Glasgow. How on earth they manage to come up with an amazing menu and execute every single dish, every single time for £25 per person is a genuine mystery to me.

As well as a separate vegetarian menu, everything is cooked freshly and therefore they cater really well to allergies so don't be put off if you're worried about that at all. The staff are all really helpful and knowledgable about the menu and exactly what is in every dish.

As Jayne and my sister Angela have discovered when they've accompanied me to Six by Nico, it's not the kind of place to go with me if you're hoping for any conversation  which doesn't involve the food in front of me as I want to savour every last bite of every last dish so I feel like I may to wear some kind of 'Do Not Disturb' t-shirt the next time I visit.

Another trionfante menu, Nico!

The 'Cooking Sicily' menu runs until the 28th of October and you can book it online here -

Thanks to Phil from Skapa PR for inviting me in to try out the new menu at Six by Nico. As always though, all views are completely my own.

Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review Finnieston

Six by Nico Cooking Sicily Menu Glasgow Food Review Finnieston


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