How to Successfully Shop the Sales

How to Successfully Shop the Sales


As a personal stylist, I have the amazing job of delving deep into clients' wardrobes and, over the years, I've learned a lot about buying behaviour. The one thing that most of us have been guilty of at one point or another is buying items in the sales but it never sees the light of day.

Most of the time people buy things that don't fit, aren't particularly flattering or are the totally wrong colour for them just because it was CHEAP! But, when you add up all of these unworn 'bargains' that you have bought over the years, you'll soon realise that you could probably have bought yourself something that you really wanted for the money that you've spent.

This doesn't mean that you have to avoid the sales, just learn to shop a little bit smarter.


Here is my quick checklist of questions to ask yourself before buying any item in the sale.

  • How much would you be willing to pay for it? Look at an item and decide how much you like it before you look at the price! So often people decide that they like the price of something before they've even properly looked it.
  • Do you have anything similar already in your wardrobe? You might really like this particular purple blouse but if you have 2 or 3 already then do you really need another one? So often women are drawn to the same thing time and time again and then wonder why they have a wardrobe full of clothes but feel like they have 'nothing' to wear!
  • What do you already have that will go with it? If the answer is nothing, then the chances are that you are either not going to wear it OR you will have to go out and buy a top, jacket and shoes to go with it. Not really much of a bargain when you have to spend money to actually wear it.
  • Does it fit you? People are full of good intentions that they will take an item to get it altered at the tailors or stretch those leather shoes that are too tight with a potato (yes, this is a real trick to stretch shoes). From experience however, I've found that they very rarely do and they lie, unworn, taking up space and gathering dust...
  • Are you going to get lots of wear from it? Shopping for basics in the sale are what sales are great for, especially if it is an item such as a coat, blazer, jeans or any other classics that won't date and that you'll get wear from season after season.
  • Do you love it? Is it something that you would be drawn to in the shop even if it wasn't on sale? Would other people look at it and say "that's so you!" - if not, then step away! Stick to classics, basics and other items that are true to your style.


I know it sounds really simple but these are the questions I always ask clients whenever we go out shopping, even for items that aren't on sale and I've found that it's really good to do a quick check before you get carried away with trying to snag a bargain!

I am certainly a lot more savvy when it comes to making sales purchases now and only buy something that I know I will get lots of wear from and that I would buy even if it was full price.


Sale shopping can be good fun and I've done a bit of shopping around to find some of my top sales picks all available online just now. 

How to shop the sales Victoria M Style Fashion Stylist & Blogger Glasgow

River Island caged heels, was £70, now £35

Victoria M Style How to shop the sales Fashion Stylist & Blogger

Missguided curved hem dress, was £18 now £10

How to Shop The Sales Victoria M Style Glasgow fashion Stylist & Blogger

Only Lise jeans, was £60, now £42

How to shop the sales Victoria M Style fashion stylist & blogger Glasgow

Noisy May aviator jacket, was £85, now £59


And remember, it's only a bargain if you get something in the sale if you were willing to pay full price for it!

I hope that you have found these tips useful and that it will spare you from any future buyers remorse!


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