I’m something of an avid watcher of YouTube videos and I especially love learning about different kinds of beauty products and treatments. I recently noticed that my favourite blogger, Lydia Elise Millen, had fillers injected into her nose to even out a small bump and I was amazed at the difference it made it to her face, whilst still looking really natural. 

Intrigued to find out if the annoying little bump in my nose (which is the first thing I notice in any side profile photographs) could be smoothed out using fillers, I booked an appointment with one of the county's top cosmetic surgeons, Dr Darren McKeown

Dr Darren McKeown

I booked an appointment to see Dr Darren, who specialises in filler procedures, in his very swish and stylish West George Street clinic.

Dr Darren McKeown - Fillers & Botox GlasgowI totally understand that some people are against using fillers to change their face and that’s absolutely fine. But a lot of the time, you only really see the people who have had fillers done to the extreme (or done really badly) and the people who have had subtle work done, go completely unnoticed. I had lip fillers last year (which I spoke about here) so I know that fillers can be used to make quite subtle changes which have a big impact on your confidence.

Other than the first couple of days after I had my lips done, not one single person has asked if I’d had them done and people are always quite shocked when I tell them. Why would I spend all that money for no one to even notice, you might ask. For me though, it’s not about other people noticing, it’s about what I notice when I look in the mirror. 

Dr Darren McKeown - Fillers & Botox Glasgow

Nose & Chin Fillers

The lovely and super-friendly Dr Darren asked me a lot of questions about what I disliked about my nose, what my expectations were and any concerns I had about the procedure itself. I knew that my nose/bump might not be right for the procedure (the last thing I wanted to do was make it look more prominent) and he advised that he does turn quite a lot of people away he doesn’t feel he can help achieve what they’re looking for using fillers in this way. However, he was happy that he could help me.

Dr Darren McKeown - Fillers & Botox Glasgow

He also took some photographs and showed me some other before and after pictures so I could get an idea about what kind of result I could realistically expect to achieve. 

One of the concerns I had was that my nose might look a little out of proportion compared to the rest of my face so he suggested that adding a little bit of filler to my chin would help even out the proportions of my face. I had never really thought of this before but, again, he showed me some other examples of his work and I couldn’t believe how much difference it made without it even looking they’d had anything done. 

He has such a wealth of experience that I was more than happy to go along with his recommendation.

Dr Darren McKeown - Fillers & Botox Glasgow

The Procedure

As I mentioned, I had filler in my lips last year so I wasn’t particularly apprehensive about what to expect. Like with my lips, the pain was absolutely minimal (seriously, less painful than an eyebrow wax) and the whole procedure, including adding filler to my nose in two places and to my chin, took about 20 minutes altogether. 

What I love about this kind of procedure is that, to anyone looking at me, I don’t really look any different but the subtle changes do make a huge difference to me. Fillers Botox Glasgow - Before & After Photos Dr Darren McKeown

The chin filler especially, makes my jawline look more defined and takes away some of the roundness to my face (I always use the full moon emoji to describe the shape of my face).

The Before & After Photo

Fillers Botox Glasgow - Before & After Photos Dr Darren McKeown

After The Procedure

There was no immediate swelling or redness and was able to make my make up back on straight away. 

The next day, a tiny bruise appeared on the underside of my chin, which wasn’t noticeable and was easily covered by make up. It hung around for a couple of days but didn’t get any worse. My chin felt a little tight but I experienced no pain at any time. My nose wasn’t red, marked or swollen at any time after the procedure so there was no tell tale signs, ideal if you want to get it done without anyone knowing or noticing. 

Fillers Botox Glasgow - Before & After Photos Dr Darren McKeown

Dr Darren is clearly a perfectionist and his years of extensive training are evident in his work and his attention to detail. I’m so pleased with the results and delighted that the changes have been done so subtly. 

His clinic is beautiful (there’s even a massive selfie mirror in reception- the dream!) and it feels more like you’re in a very fancy apartment than a clinic which is great if, like me, you have a bit of a phobia of anything too medical or clinical.

Dr Darren McKeown Glasgow Botox Fillers

The Verdict?

The results are expected to last for anything between nine months to two years in some cases.

I was invited to try out a treatment with Dr Darren but the treatment I had done was something I was already looking into. Although I didn’t pay for this procedure, all views and opinions are my own and I think the before and after pictures really speak for themselves anyway. I’m very particular about who I would trust to do this kind of procedure as it does, at the end of the day, change your face, no matter how subtly. However, I know a few people who go to Dr Darren regularly and have had nothing but good things to say about him and his work so I had complete confidence going ahead with the treatment. 

I think it’s so important to do your research into who is carrying out the procedure and what their qualifications are. Although it is EXTREMELY rare, Dr Darren did advise me that there have been a couple of cases in the world where patients have gone blind as a result of nose fillers as the nose is connected to the eyes and it was carried out by someone without adequate medical training. It's a medical procedure so, personally, I'd only feel confident going to a doctor for this kind of treatment. 

I think effective use of fillers is definitely an art and Dr Darren is certainly something of a Van Gough in his field. 

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